Seven Mandates for leaders!

The Lord gave seven mandates to Joshua to lead his people across Jordan. Command, charge, orders (Joshua 1:8-9)

1. Stay in the word day and night meditation of scripture.

2. Be careful to be a doer of what you read guarantees success.

3. Be strong- take hold, be firm, strengthen yourself, fixed and determined Hebrew word (chazaq).

4. Be courageous- to be alert, firm, strong, alert of mind

5. Do not be afraid. - Don't let terror overtake you, or be oppress or harassed by fear.

6. Don not be dismayed. do not shatter under pressure but stay calm, cool, and collective.

7. Know that the Lord is with you wherever you go. Resting the wholeness and completeness of God's presence.

The same mandates given to Joshua are still applicable to us today, these timeless principles of leadership will help you succeed in leading people toward success in Christ.


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    Great blog written by Joseph Charman because your selection of words is quite impressive and i really love your writing idea. You convey your message in a very easy way.